About Us

Magnificence’s Academy of Packaging Professionals is a brainchild Unit of Magnificence. (by Shalini Beriwal) established in 2002 , 10 years ago, started their career from the line of handicraft with creative abundance which exposed her in the world of packaging and a renowned name in the industry of creative gift packaging .

Rarely does the confluence of professional talent STATE of an ART first of it’s kind in India promising an unwavering commitment to total quality innovation and style.

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Our Facilities

1. Lectures
    a. Power Point Presentation
    b.  Question & Answer
    c.  Live demonstration 

2. Visual
    a. Presentation and Videos

3. Activity 
    a. Conceptualization of packaging idea 
    b. Designing of packing 
    c. Physical Implementation of designs 

The academy would first deliver the theory and factual data on the packaging techniques through PowerPoint presentations and then conduct live demonstration of the technique. This would be subsequently followed by designing of the packaging item and giving it is physical form through sampling of the product designed by the students.

Career Path’s After M.A.P.P

1. Freelance designer : Design for packaging boutiques on a freelance basis.

2. Entrepreneur/ Self Employed : Start you own packaging boutique

3. Teaching as resident faculty at MAPP : MAPP absorbs its students as resident teachers.

4. Get employed : Get employed with packaging houses, sweet & chocolate suppliers and wedding planners

5. Packaging Supplier : Manufacture and supply to other packaging houses, sweet & chocolate shops

We care for your study and
         Build your Future with MAPP !

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