“Share the business success of the leaders in gift Packaging Industry”

Professional packaging with numerous packaging techniques, concepts and skills has come up with high speed to change the product identity in Unwrapping the packaging industry.

Success Story
Magnificence’s Academy of Packaging Professionals is a brainchild Unit of Magnificence . (by Shalini Beriwal) established in 2002 , 10 years ago, started their career from the line of handicraft with creative abundance which exposed her in the world of packaging and a renowned name in the industry of creative gift packaging . Rarely does the confluence of professional talent STATE of an ART first of it’s kind in India promising an unwavering commitment to total quality innovation and style. Seeing the tremendous response and acceptability of demand and urge for a fashionable quality products and creation of Packaging gave birth to the new concept of parting knowledge to enhance the skill for all, cashing upon the platform of Packaging Industry. (Magnificence’s Academy of Packaging Professionals.) 

MAPP has been set up to provide a professional stance towards packaging to students who have a creative flair for it. Numerous packaging techniques, concepts and skills would be taught including those sourced from across the globe to help the students be in sync with international trends. MAPP wishes to enforce confidence, recognize student’s orientation and efforts on self-development and reward them with certification and employment/employability.

Being a professionally run venture, the Standards are managed giving top priority to quality and style keeping the brand image more interesting and engrossing. There is no ready-made formula for success .The road of success is always been to the right path. Discover It.

Brand Equity
The brand equity itself speaks great languages of its renowned success. 
»  End numbers of creative operating under the brand. 
»  The organization infrastructure work development program.
»  Rich branding & recruitment of Franchise network. 

The brand has proved itself beyond doubt. The true leadership transforming Handicraft to a world class gift Packaging has generated a great amount of goodwill. The market history for these kind of boutique has climbed high ladders to make in the most preferred brand in the Packaging industry. Reaching the huge number of students and clients in corporate and retail is the vision & motto of works satisfaction. The utmost blend of quality, honorary services, flags high for the brand they can blindly trust.

What made it India’s first illustrious boutique was its imaginative designs unusual embellishment and rare decorative. Magnificence did not create instead invented every design capturing the customer’s imagination to utmost customization. Leisure and style has picked up great space in human life, and now the people have understood the innovative language of luxury gifting and presentation .Now people spend money and live king-size. It’s time to take a leap forward to India’s first packaging boutique to be placed in every nook and corner of the country. Moving a step ahead and realizing the demand for individuals who are trained in gift packaging can operate a MAPP Academy to their destination.