About Shalini Beriwal

Ms. Shalini Beriwal is leading the gift packaging industry for more than a decade. As she introduced various innovative techniques, professional packaging ideas, concepts, and skills, the world of gift packing has evolved dramatically. Shalini has been constantly working and contributing significantly to encourage women in various ways.

Along with founding MAPP , she has also–
  • Founder Magnificence – A Gift Packaging Company that offers high-end gift packing solutions
  • Founder ‘Advitiya Ahaar’, which is a gourmet gifting business
  • Created a platform to empower women named ‘Passion to Profession’
  • Authored 72 training modules on gift packaging
  • Been working on bringing spirituality through audio recordings of book readings

Shalini Beriwal – A Name of Inspiration for Women!

Shalini Beriwal inspires thousands of women. She has touched around 50,000 women by helping them find their own happiness by conducting various webinars under a campaign called ‘Life is a Celebration’.

Her line of encouragement is simple yet powerful –

“If I can do it, you can do it too!!”

Shalini, despite being a non-graduate woman who has done her schooling in Hindi Medium, has climbed the success ladder very high. She has donned many feathers in her hat despite many odds. She is a big inspiration for her students.

After benevolently fulfilling her responsibilities as a housewife for around 20 years, she has demonstrated her strong determination to establish herself as a professional and then to keep on going with her optimistic approach by-

  • Pursuing WMP Program from SP Jain college at the age of 52, in the year 2013
  • Doing BCI (Business Coach India) course at the age of 53, in the year 2014
  • Attending Two years of Team management and leadership program 2018 – 2019

    • Communication courses
    • Got trained with many Reputed Business Coaches
    • Self-expression & leadership program (COACH)
  • Joining Self-expression & Leadership Programs
  • She has trained & developed more than 1000 students (Link this to ‘Testimonial’ page)offline since 2007
  • Learning technology at the age of 60 and using it to scale up her business and other initiatives to keep up with the current trends and requirements.

She has initiated –

  • Online batches of Professional gift packaging course from January 2021, and Trained over 200 students through it, so far
  • Online women entrepreneurs’ business course (USS) batches from February 2021

Ultimate Secrets of Success (USS) by Shalini

With her 25 years of learning and experience, Shalini has built a strong victory bridges for herself as well as for others. This is how she has multiple successful businesses. And has come up with “Ultimate Secrets of Success” (USS) (Link this to ‘Ultimate Secrets of Success’ page).

Shalini with her MENTOR VINEET SURI has invented a formula for speedy success that helps others to achieve their goals faster and named it as ‘Speedy Success Formula’ (SSF). Many have experienced amazing effects & benefits of this formula.

She has embarked on a mission to help women of any age with or without education to become financially independent and live the life they love, creating their own paths to success.

She offers the ultimate secret of success to women entrepreneurs by –

  • Training them with easy & practical methodology (Link this to ‘Course – Professional Gift Packaging Course’ page).
  • Mentoring them to build & grow their businesses, and helping them to become self-reliant & independent
  • Offering them Team Management & Leadership Programs
  • Conducting Self-expression & Leadership Program for them

Shalini’s Determination to Work for Others

Shalini demonstrates her dedication and determination of working for others’ improvement (Link this to ‘Success Stories’ page) through her actions. When most people across the globe were considering the year 2020 as an unfortunate year, she was constantly working to create value for human beings.

It conducted –


Various spiritual activities, book reading sessions, programs for manifestation, etc.


Webinars on home décor to create career opportunities for many


Gift packaging Sessions to help Amateurs and Professionals (Link this to ‘Impulse Courses’ page)

Through various digital initiatives, MAPP contributed to the empowerment of more than 50,000 women in just 4 months of lockdown due to Corona Virus spread.
In this duration, MAPP created –
  • A tribe of gifting designers (Link this to ‘Seller – MAPP Squad’ page).
  • ‘Passion to Profession’ - A winning platform for coaches and women entrepreneurs

Shalini’s Awards & Accolades

She has been conferred with a number of awards & recognitions (Link this to ‘Awards & Accolades’ page), some of them are –

National Industrial Excellence Award

Quality Brand Awards, 2013

FMB Awards (Outstanding Achievement in Business Award), 2013 by SP Jain Institute of Management

Outstanding Achievers Award, 2013-14 felicitated by FICCI was a huge credit in itself.

All India Women Entrepreneur Award, 2018

The Country Committee Chairperson Talent Development for ALL - The All Ladies League

4th TCEI Stri Shakti Award, 2022

Her other achievements are

As a timeless and celebrated woman of the era, Ms. Shalini Beriwal proudly voices her tale that is an exact depiction of the quote by Helen Keller,

“When we do the best we can, we never know what Miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.”