Bunching & Accessories Workshop

Decode the Magic of Gift Accessories:

Upgrade Your Gift-Giving Experience!


Consider accessories as the frosting on a cake, adding detail and visual flair. They offer a variety of options to genuinely make your gifts one-of-a-kind, going above and beyond the standard wrapping paper and ribbons.


Join our one-day professional course and unlock the potential for business growth!

Why are Accessories Important?


  • Accessories make your spaces come alive by adding texture, colour, pattern and form.
  • They pull together the design schemes of your gift packaging.
  • They give your designs a complete and cohesive look.
  • They create a focal point and improve the design of the gift packaging


The ultimate course to master gift accessorization and drive your business growth!


  • Open doors to women entrepreneurship and self-reliance by mastering gift packaging accessories.
  • Turn your home business into a brand through captivating and unique gift presentations.
  • Stay ahead of the competition with cutting-edge packaging techniques.
  • Makeup your brand highly visible and expand your client base through exceptional gift packaging.



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Course Duration 1 day
Course Price Rs.4130 (with GST)
Training Methodology Online/Offline


Anyone who is 18+ can do this Professional Gift Packaging Course