About Mapp

Gift Packaging industry is witnessing a huge demand that needs to be fulfilled with an adequate supply. Only a number of professional gift packers and gift packing businesses can address this colossal demand. It creates a wide scope for many to consider it as their new business. This has already become one of the top home-based business ideas for women.

How to start a gift packing business at home!

If you are a woman who loves to create and has a knack for art, you can start your own Gift Packing business at home. Also if you are already into a gifting business, you can expand it by incorporating the packaging service in it.

Customers, these days, get fascinated by an extravagant unboxing experience since an attractive presentation of a gift of course leaves them mesmerized. Hence, bringing various gift wrapping ideas and presentations to them can give you a great entrepreneurial scope. Here you can take assistance from MAPP, which is determined to be there to offer you end-to-end learning & support to set up your Gift Packing business. MAPP has trained & supported thousands of women so far. Lately, we have started receiving inquiries from men as well.

What is MAPP?

Magnificence Academy of Packing Professionals’ (MAPP) is an internationally acclaimed Gift Packing Institute that offers professional Gift Packing Training and different impulse courses worldwide. Its well-structured training sessions are dedicated to helping students to master the art of gift packaging, designing & business development.

Launched in the year 2007, MAPP is a state-of-the-art institute that provides gift packaging education through lectures & practical sessions based on trending as well as traditional gift packing & wrapping styles. Since MAPP focuses entirely on the skill set & design enhancement of its trainees, it has made live practical sessions an indivisible part of its every course.
MAPP is the best Gift Packaging Institute in the world. Reasons that make it so, are –

It brings in innovative Gift Packaging Ideas for its Students to enable them to create their own designs –

  • We believe that gifting is a sentiment and wrapping it according to that sentiment is an art. So, we help you learn how to give a thoughtful yet creative approach to gift packaging as per the event & situation.
  • By training its students on innovative designs, exotic embellishments, and unique presentation styles, MAPP has carved a niche for itself within a decade of providing premium quality assistance.
  • Our training and presentation for customized gift designing help you have a variety of gift packing ideas. So that you can make innumerable mix-and-match styles of gift packaging to address best to the specific requirements of your future customers.
  • Also, we teach you how to bring brand value into the packaging while making it sure to make the gifts feel personal yet memorable.

Offers International exposure to the students

When MAPP says it’s determined to offer multidimensional exposure to its course trainees, it goes across the borders to include different gift packaging styles in its training courses.

Many nations of the world have their own gift packaging style, like –

    • Japan has a special kind of gift packing that is ‘Furoshiki Wrapping’,
    • Korea has a traditional eco-friendly way to wrap their gifts that they call as ‘Bojagi’.

MAPP students carry the required skill set with designing & research capability that help them to come up with the best gift packaging presentation according to the country that they receive business from.

Creates an opportunity for trainees to set up a Multimillion Business & gain substantial benefits as

Many nations of the world have their own gift packaging style, like –

  • They attain Economic Independence & Stability
  • Along with financial growth, they acquire mental growth as well
  • They enhance practical skills & get Market Orientation
  • They get a number of prospects for the overall empowerment

Provides Gift Packaging Training that proves to be professional yet unique as the attendees also get trained in ‘Major Entrepreneurial Skills’ like