Refund and Cancellation

1. Enrollment Agreement:

By enrolling in the gift packing course offered by [Your Company Name] (“MAPP”), you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this policy.

2. No Refund Policy:
a. Once payment is made for the course, it is non-refundable under any circumstances.
b. No refunds or credits will be provided for partial attendance, missed sessions, or non-completion of the course.

3. No Cancellation Policy:
a. Cancellation requests will not be entertained after enrollment.
b. Participants are responsible for attending all scheduled sessions as outlined in the course schedule.

4. Student Conduct and Expulsion:
a. Students are expected to adhere to guidelines, rules, and community standards set by MAPP during the course.
b. MAPP reserves the right to expel students from the course without refund if they fail to comply with guidelines, engage in actions that harm the MAPP brand, disrupt the learning environment, or violate community guidelines.
c. Expulsion may occur due to, but not limited to, disrespectful behavior towards instructors or fellow students, plagiarism, unethical conduct, or any action deemed detrimental to the course environment.
d. Expelled students will not be eligible for refunds or credits.

5. Transfer of Enrollment:
a. Enrollment in the course is non-transferable to another individual or another course offering.

6. Course Modifications:
a. MAPP reserves the right to modify or cancel the course, change course dates, instructors, or content without liability. In such cases, participants will be notified and provided with suitable alternatives or options.

7. Exceptions:
a. In exceptional circumstances, such as extenuating medical situations or unforeseen emergencies, MAPP may, at its sole discretion, consider requests for refunds or course deferral. Participants must provide verifiable documentation to support their request.

8. Contact Information:
For inquiries or concerns regarding this policy or course-related matters, please contact MAPP at

9. Acceptance of Policy:
By enrolling in the gift packing course, you acknowledge and agree to comply with this no refund and cancellation policy.

This addition outlines the conduct expected from students during the course and clarifies the consequences, such as potential expulsion without refund, for violating these guidelines or causing harm to the brand, fellow students, or community guidelines.