Basket Decoration Course

“Unlock Your Business Potential with Basket Hamper Decoration:

The Money-Making Gift Solution!”



Join our workshop and master the techniques for creating attractive gift baskets. With this program learn to produce one-of-a-kind, aesthetically pleasing gift baskets for every occasion.

Whether you’re wanting to start a home business or you simply want to improve your gifting abilities, this course will give you wings for your future!


Unleash your creativity with our Basket Decoration Workshop!


đź“ŚDiscover valuable insights and techniques in our comprehensive course content.


đź“ŚCreate magic with 8 unique designs and endless creative ideas.


đź“ŚDecoration materials inclusive – no need to worry about sourcing! (Baskets are to be sourced by students)


đź“ŚDesigns perfect for all celebrations – weddings, baby announcements, festivals, and more!


đź“ŚGet hands-on training in arranging and wrapping unique items.


đź“ŚLearn about themes, and adding unique touches, and personalization.


đź“ŚDiscover various methods, such as bow-making, tag customization, and ribbon-tying.


đź“ŚHybrid online and offline sessions for a flexible learning experience.


đź“ŚShalini Beriwal, a renowned coach, will mentor you to refine your skills


đź“ŚCourse Include Master Basket Decoration with client profiling, pricing strategies, sourcing and much more!!

Why are we unique?

âś…Training methodology gives participants enough time to ideate and choose material

âś…No wastage of money and material

âś…Learn techniques and JUGAAD

âś…All designs taught will be saleable and production friendly- Not DIY

âś…Mentoring and reviewing by a seasoned coach who is a successful packer herself

âś…After the session, participants can sell the made up sample



Outcome of the session for participants:

âś…Participants will be ready to start a small business or earn a passive income

âś…Participants will have ready to sell product(s)

âś…Participants will get skilled in creating multiple designs with same skill set

âś…Will learn to use all kinds of basket like cane, pine wood, sawai etc.

âś…Will learn to create designs which will be quick to make and production friendly

Course Duration 1 day
Course Price Rs. 2950 (with GST)
Training Methodology Online/Offline


Anyone who is 18+ can do this Professional Gift Packaging Course