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Rakhi theme hamper ideas for your loved ones

Raksha Bandhan, a cherished Indian festival, celebrates the special bond between siblings. The exchange of gifts is a vital aspect of this joyous occasion, symbolizing love, affection, and appreciation. This year, why not take your gift-giving game up a notch with creatively curated Rakhi theme gift hampers? In this blog post, we bring you a collection of PDF files packed with innovative Rakhi theme gift ideas for your beloved brother, sister, niece, nephew and Bhabhi. These hampers are not just gifts; they are expressions of your heartfelt emotions.

1. Rakhi Theme Hamper Ideas for Your Brother:
In the PDF dedicated to brothers, you’ll discover an array of handpicked gift ideas. From personalized grooming kits to tech-savvy gadgets, we’ve got it all covered. Dive into the PDF to find inspiration for crafting the perfect Rakhi hamper that resonates with your brother’s interests and hobbies. Click here to download PDF.

2. Rakhi Theme Hamper Ideas for Your Sister
Sisters are truly special, and the PDF for sisters is a treasure trove of unique gift ideas. From chic accessories to wellness and self-care goodies, these hampers are designed to make your sister feel cherished and adored. Get ready to surprise her with a thoughtfully curated Rakhi gift hamper. Click here to download PDF.

3. Rakhi Theme Hamper Ideas for Your Niece:
Nieces hold a special place in your heart, and this PDF is dedicated to them. Whether your niece is a budding artist, a bookworm, or a fashionista, you’ll find delightful gift suggestions that cater to her individuality and interests. Show her your affection with a Rakhi theme gift hamper that reflects her passions. Click here to download PDF.

4. Rakhi Theme Hamper Ideas for Your Nephew:
The PDF for nephews is a treasure trove of ideas for creating Rakhi hampers that little boys will absolutely love. From playful toys to educational games, these hampers are all about fun and learning. Explore the PDF to put together a Rakhi gift that brings a smile to your nephew’s face. Click here to download PDF.

5. Rakhi Theme Hamper Ideas for Your Bhabhi (Sister-in-law):
Let’s not forget the wonderful relationship you share with your sister-in-law, or bhabhi. She’s not just a family member but a friend and confidante as well. The PDF dedicated to bhabhis is brimming with sophisticated and thoughtful gift ideas. Dive into the PDF to create a Rakhi theme gift hamper that shows your appreciation for the special bond you share with your bhabhi. Click here to download PDF.

This Raksha Bandhan, go beyond traditional gifting and surprise your loved ones with meticulously curated Rakhi theme gift hampers. These PDF files are your go-to resources for crafting heartwarming gifts that embody the spirit of this beautiful festival. Strengthen the bonds of love and camaraderie with thoughtful gestures that your siblings, nieces, nephews and bhabhis will cherish forever. Happy Raksha Bandhan!

Experience the Elegance of Professional Wedding Trousseau Packaging

Trousseau Packing!! An integral and the most attractive part of many Indian weddings. It is the classic and beautiful transit of the bridal’s paraphernalia which includes a variety of items that she needs during and after the wedding.

The wedding trousseau displays a traditional and mystic new journey and life of a bride in a very beautiful fashion. This wonderful collection should be assembled and packaged in a way that it should reflect her personality in the best style. Hence, they say that the bride is not complete without the perfect trousseau packed in a thoughtful manner.

Bridal trousseau ideally is a collection of bride’s personal prized possessions such as paradisiac accessories, amazing apparel, jewelry, bed linens, make-up kit, cosmetics, classy lingerie, bags, clutches, footwear, etc. Designing & packaging of this collection should be done in a pleasing yet decorative way to make it look extraordinary as it personifies a girl’s most special event in life. On top of all this, it should look as beautiful as the bride.

Wedding trousseau and Shaadi gift wrapping nowadays have become more intrinsic with all the relatives and friends showing great interest and attraction towards it. It has become more urbane in terms of its look, feel, utility as well as sentiments of everyone attached closely to the bride. Moreover, this very old concept has gone much beyond just a bridal trousseau now and includes many more dimensions into it. These days, trousseau includes the groom’s wedding collection as well as gifts for friends and family. So, the wedding trousseau packages these days also include fruits, dry fruit packets, sweet boxes, food hampers, Ginny packing, money envelopes, etc. Even ring platters can also be considered included in trousseau packing.

Go for Theme-based Wedding Trousseau Packaging –

So nowadays, a wedding trousseau is packed according to a specific theme that may be a blend of certain themes of the Bride’s and Groom’s choice. Or may go with the wedding’s theme or any trending designs and fashion.

Let’s check what all themes can be considered while doing a wedding trousseau packing –

  • An Indo-western theme with platters of trousseau packed in various sizes, colors and patterns is a nice way to choose something simple yet attractive. The packing adorned with flowers, broaches, etc. decorative elements surely creates a difference when presented to the bride & groom and gifted to the near and dear ones.
  • Navratna, pearl, and ruby-themed trousseau packing is one of the royal themes that personifies the utmost elegance to the trousseau.
  • Victorian, Vintage, or Tajmahal themes are all-time favorites & most liked themes for Indian wedding stuff. For these themes, you will get a lot of designs, looks, etc. available that give a most elegant look to the packing which goes with most of the colors and themes of the wedding.
  • The theme of Kutch Embroidery is another colorful yet the most intricate theme to give to your themed Shaadi packing. In this, either you can go with some handful colors or can explore as many options of colors & shades as you want.
  • An Eco-friendly theme of using reusable, recycled material can also be a wise trousseau packing idea. The artistic use of jute, cane, dried leaves & flowers, colorful stones, reused fabric, ribbons, nets, laces, etc. gives a classy look to the packing. Reusing fabric bags, wooden boxes, cane baskets, metal trunks, etc. will be a tasteful way to go about it.(people don’t use iused stuff in troussue packing)

Zardozi, Bandhini are some more design themes that can be considered for an attractive packing of wedding trousseau.

Get a Professional Trousseau Packer –

Getting a perfect trousseau packaging done by choosing a particular theme, becomes easier with the hiring of a professional trousseau packer. Being professionals there are a lot of advantages of hiring or contracting professional trousseau packers such as –

  • They take care of everything right from ideating the design & theme to sourcing decorative elements & embellishments to coming up with an astonishing wedding trousseau packing that can catch everyone’s eye.
  • They have a number of designs as well as ideas for themes to choose from or to decide.
  • They are aware of the best places to procure apt and quality material that can make your wedding trousseau look gorgeous.
  • They are well practiced to handle the last-minute hassle. So if there comes any issue, you don’t need to worry about it or give your focus on it. The wedding trousseau packing professionals are skilled enough to fix it artistically.
  • Last but the most important, you get a professionally articulated wedding trousseau packing with end-to-end support by not investing yourself into it while enjoying the wedding.

While getting the wedding trousseau packing done, taking the help of professional packers becomes a wise idea. Since they can create a collection of designs for the complete package of trousseau packing. Creation of a theme-based trousseau packing design for all kind of packings – for the bride, groom, family members, etc. gives a different level of appearance to the entire trousseau package.

As we know trousseau is an age-old tradition, but one thing that has definitely changed over the years is the style of packing these gifts. It occupies the major part of gift packaging industry. This particular segment of gift Packaging alone occupies 40-45% of the entire industry.

So, don’t miss the delight of getting professional wedding trousseau packaging for the upcoming wedding ceremony in your family!!!

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Gift Packaging – A Best Home-Based Business Idea

Why Gift packaging is the best business-at-home idea for women?
Because in India since the very beginning, women at home are taught and encouraged to learn art & craft. Gift packing is such a profession that includes every skill that has been taught in basic as well as modern art and craft. Hence, any woman can pursue it as the best career in any form, be it as an employee or an entrepreneur, or a freelancer. So, this can be considered one of the best home business ideas for them.
So here are the top reasons why gift packaging is one of the best and most profitable home business ideas –

  • The Gift packaging business can be started with a minimum investment of Rs.2500 .
  • There’s no specific formal educational qualification that you need to start this lucrative business.
  • It doesn’t need big machines or tools to run the business successfully.
  • Even a little space at any good corner of your home is sufficient to start and run a gift-packing enterprise.
  • It helps women to make careers without hampering daily routines. You can do household chores, and look after your child while earning a handsome amount.
  • This is such a creative business that you don’t feel stressed while running it. So, you can run it very successfully.
  • You can work at your time convenience.
  • If you wish to expand it, the sky is the limit. Since the demand for quality and professional work is too much across the globe. So, you get to have a global business opportunity.
  • You can take it as both, a hobby as well as a profession.
  • Gifting is a universal and integral part of our society. There are a plethora of festivities and celebrations (Link it to Bridal Trousseau Blog) that keep on taking place every other day where gifting is very common or required. Thus making this industry very crucial as well as lucrative for women to start careers in.
  • The raw material required for the gift-wrapping business is easily available at all places. Also, in this, you can even make the best use of non-required decoration or craft pieces laying at home.
  • India being the treasure of handicrafts, the gift packaging industry gets a reservoir of raw material here available extensively.
  • The business ensures very high-profit margins.
  • If you want to learn the secret of high profitable gift packaging business, you can join the training classes .
  • There’s no specific age to start this business. So, anyone from young to retired women, mothers, etc. can make a career in this creative field, and be a significant part of the gift-packing industry by putting in all the required efforts.
  • Gifting also acts as a source of happiness for the receiver as it shows the sentiment of the giver or sender. This industry is purely based on emotions. If customers like your ideation & design, and they will buy it irrespective of the price.
  • Technology has made things easier for businesses. Only through a single click do we get many options to promote our business and services on various apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Also, you can market it on various personalized networking sites too.

Whatever skills are required to start gift packing and develop into a business can be learned easily. Even if you lack education, you can still learn these skills through practice. There are several gift packing options available in the market. One of them is MAPP which offers online gift packaging training courses that can be joined and attended within your utmost comfort.
The online gifting industry is one of the contributors to the growth of the Indian e-commerce space and is set to take a larger part in the overall market in the coming future. The global gifting market is estimated to be $475 billion, and India is expected to emerge as one of the most influential contributors by 2024.
Happy Gift Packaging, Happy Growing!!!


Gift Packaging Can be Learned Better Through Online Training Courses, Here’s Why!!

MAPP always boasts its supremely effective online mode of teaching!!!

Upon experiencing the countless benefits of online gift packaging training courses by our trainers and students both, MAPP has extensively included the virtual learning mode for all our gift packing programmes.
Are you stuck with the thought that the offline mode is always better than the online mode of learning??
As when we talked to so many crafters and gift packers, they shared their views by raising points, like:

  • In offline classes, trainers can correct us. But, not in online classes.
  • How can somebody learn practical work like craft creation in online training?

So, let’s discuss this in detail and try to get a wiser thought for this. Here, we are going to talk only about the benefits of online learning as we have experienced more of them than the disadvantages as I have already mentioned above.
To start with, let’s take the example of our way of shopping which has changed drastically over the past 1.5 decades. We could never think of buying clothes or for that matter anything without touching and checking their quality, etc. physically. But, today online shopping is a way of life, it has become a major part of our purchases. Because, we have gone beyond our inhibitions about shopping online, and started experiencing its benefits.

Now, let me share what we have discovered about online training. How they are better for a learner! –

  • The biggest advantage of an online course is that your trainer is available 24*7.
  • In the offline mode of learning when there’s no scope for having video recordings of any sessions, online training gets you that advantage. Human brains tend to forget most parts of the learning within a couple of weeks. In that case, video recordings help in recurring use like for revisions, to confirm any specific point, to practice, etc. The videos can be recorded easily of any online session, and they remain available for you for any longer.
  • Another great advantage of online classes is flexibility. Students can establish their own learning rate without feeling rushed from wherever they are. This flexibility of accessing training from any part of the world gives countless opportunities to the learners to explore learning irrespective of the distance and time difference.
  • As there’s a lot of skepticism goes around online learning regarding personal attention and practical learning, now there are a lot of platforms for virtual learning that make it really convenient to address these aspects of studying online. So, through online training also students can get personal attention and try doing things practically.
  • On the other hand, online education inculcates the habit of self-discipline and time management and provides the access to an unlimited number of educational resources.
  • Trainers get a lot of resources available through the online mode of teaching that includes videos, audio, animations, virtual whiteboards, virtual conference rooms, live chats with students, etc. This certainly broadens the scope of learning.
  • Online training courses may give you the opportunity to get connected to students spread across a broader geographical area, which is surely unlikely in physical classes. Since the online sessions have pan-world participants, you can make friends all across the globe.
  • Virtual learning makes you learn real-time skills i.e. technical skills – the skills that are required in today’s world. Along with getting acquainted with the learning platforms and their various features , you acquire some crucial technical skills like handling e-mails, browsing the web, knowing some details about your gadget, and much more. The benefits of these skills are certainly endless.

Hence, Gift Packaging can surely be learned better through the online training course. And I really mean it as I have explained above.
Go, get the benefits of learning Gift Packing online without any inhibitions or doubts, and soar higher into the Sky!!!

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